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Hiking the Navajo Loop Trail - Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is all about the hoodoos. If you only have time to do one trail in Bryce, the Navajo Loop trail should be it.

It is such a fun, action packed, family friendly hike that the kiddos will love.....except for the uphill climb at the end. My five year old was not a fan (see pic of tantrum below...haha).


1.4-mile loop


At the beginning of this hike you will make a rapid descent along a series of long and short switchbacks down to the canyon floor. The most difficult part of the hike will be the switchbacks at the end of the hike that return you to the rim. These switchbacks are very short, so this hike is still very doable with kids, just take your time.


This trail starts at Sunset Point along the rim of Bryce Canyon just a little bit south of the lodge. Click here to see map.


From Sunset Point the trail descends along a paved path with safety rails. After about 100 feet the railing ends, and the path splits. You can take the trail to your left(east) or right.(south). I suggest you go to your right (it gives you the most bang for your buck right in the beginning). A series of long and short switchbacks will take you to Wall Street and the canyon floor. Wall Street is the only slot canyon in Bryce and is probably the most famous and magnetic attraction in the park and for good reason. It is awesome! The tall tree to your right as you exit wall street is such an amazing site to behold. Hiking along the canyon floor is full of up close hoodoos and beautiful views. The hike back up to the rim is steep and windy but so so beautiful. Going slow never looked so good. Scroll through for tips and additional info.