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Fort Zion - Things to Do when visiting Zion with Kids

If you are looking for a fun, family friendly stop with great food then you should definitely check out Fort Zion. Fort Zion is located just off hwy 9 in Virgin Utah, just 15 minutes west of Zion. You can’t miss it because there are giant, old-fashioned looking forts in the front.


Come to Fort Zion hungry! The menu is full of American favorites like burgers and barbeque along with salads and homemade bread. The burgers are so flavorful! The homemade bun puts this burger on the top of my list for favorite burger in Southern's that good! Also, the portions are huge, so if you visit with kids, they can easily share a meal.

One of my kiddo's favorite things about eating at Fort Zion is the cute saddle seat (there is only one, and they fight over it like crazy) and the old-fashioned piano. The piano is really fun. My kids are convinced that it is being played by a ghost and I haven't let them in on the secret just quite yet.

The homemade ice cream and homemade waffle cones are a favorite for all of us. There are 16 flavors of homemade ice cream but our favorite flavors are mint chocolate chip, and cookies and cream. Sitting on the patio in the evening while eating ice cream cones and enjoying the scenery, is one of our favorite summer activities.


The gift shop is full of your standard touristy souvenirs. Since we don't visit for the souvenirs, I can't really attest to how great they are. The prices and selecting seem pretty good. The employees are always very friendly.


For one dollar per person, you can check out the large forts and visit the petting zoo. The large forts are fun for kids to run around and explore (beware there are some rickety wood areas and a few exposed nails). It is also a great spot to get some fun photos (the names on the forts are pretty comical). The petting zoo is located just behind the old-fashioned forts. You can buy carrots for 3 for a dollar in the gift shop to feed the animals. There are llamas, a donkey, a deer, and horses. Not a ton of animals but my kiddos love feeding them carrots.

Next time you are headed to Zion make sure to check out this fun little stop with the kiddos. Click here for more info and directions.


My name is Arika and I am a local girl with a passion for helping outdoor lovers get outside, have fun, and enjoy Zion and Southern Utah to its fullest. 


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