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Snow Canyon Family Climbing Adventure - Itinerary

Amanda lives in Salt Lake with her husband Kellen and their two kids, Brighton(10) and Tatum(4). Amanda and Kellen are living examples of the family outdoor adventure lifestyle. Every weekend they’re in the local canyons with the kids. It’s their family time, and it’s precious to them.

Snow Canyon Family Climbing Adventure


March 3rd thru March 5th, 2017


9 & 3 (during the adventure)


We stayed in the Snow Canyon Campground, Group Campsite in Quail Loop. We always camp with an assortment of friends, their kids, and dogs. The scenery was gorgeous. The pavilion had electrical outlets and light switches, and we even had a water pump (we call this luxury camping). Highly recommend this spot for those who may be nervous about giving up flushing toilets and electricity.


  • If you want to get off the beaten path, find a dog sitter. We brought our dog and weren’t huge fans of having to have her leashed all the time.

  • You are not allowed to climb or scramble on the rocks surrounding the campsite, so that was a bummer.

Snow Canyon Family Climbing Adventure
Snow Canyon Family Climbing Adventure
Snow Canyon Family Climbing Adventure
Snow Canyon Family Climbing Adventure



We arrived after lunch, check in was 3 pm. We set up camp and hung our hammocks immediately. The parents relaxed. The kids had a full agenda which included get out the sand toys, play in the sand, play hide and seek with the walkie-talkies, and play in the hammocks.


For dinner we ate Minestrone Soup from Bear Creek, the kids were not big fans of this flavor LOL, but it’s so easy while camping. Next time I will get their favorite flavor!

The best part of camping trips is when it gets dark and a little chilly so everyone huddles around the campfire. No electronics, no distractions just quality time with your loved ones.

Snow Canyon Climbing Adventure
Snow Canyon Climbing Adventure
Snow Canyon Climbing Adventure
Snow Canyon Climbing Adventure



Since this was "luxury" camping, our morning activity was taking a shower and gathering all our gear up to go climbing.

We came to Snow Canyon specifically because it was warm and had gorgeous rock to climb. We went to Circus Wall; this is near the Pioneer Names Trail. Since dogs were not allowed, we took turns watching the dogs across the street. Not ideal but it worked. While rock climbing there is plenty of downtime (especially with the kids), so make sure to pack snacks, plenty of water and stuff to entertain.


We went back to the campsite to make lunch. Turkey and Havarti sandwiches with grapes, carrot sticks, and trail mix. We live off of granola bars, and trail mix, I recommend packing copious amounts of both!

After we were fed and no longer grumpy, we headed back out to go climbing to an area called Black Rocks. This is outside Snow Canyon just past Chuckwalla Trailhead near the bike path. We spent approximately four hours here climbing, chatting and just enjoying the incredible rock wall.


For dinner, we had shredded chicken, cilantro lime rice, and black bean burritos. I made it before the trip, and it was so easy to reheat and delicious!

After dinner the older kids rode bikes around the campground, the little played in the sand, and the tired parents sat around and relaxed until it was time for a fire and S’mores.

Snow Canyon Climbing Adventure
Snow Canyon Climbing Adventure
Snow Canyon Climbing Adventure



For breakfast, we made breakfast burritos, super basic with egg, bacon, black beans, cheese, and avocado. I am such a fan of burritos while camping; they are easy, relatively contained and so filling.

Since this was our last day, we decided to pack up camp immediately after breakfast so we could focus on fun. After packing, we headed out to The Woodbury Crags (these are in the extreme Southwest corner of Utah just miles from the Arizona border near the Woodbury Desert Study Area. This is a great place to climb with kids. It was an easy trail in, and in a river wash, so it was a nice flat area for the kids to run around. We hung out and climbed there for several hours and then hiked back to the car and made lunch.


We ate lunch in the parking lot, cold leftovers from dinner, so more shredded chicken and cilantro lime rice burritos. The little lady ate cold, hot dogs and rice (Seriously how do kids eat cold, hot dogs?! Yuck!) After lunch it was time to get on the road and head for home.


This was my first camping trip of the year so just getting out camping was great. That gorgeous red rock and sand are so amazing. My son said his favorite part was our "luxury" campsite and my daughter loved all the sand.


  • The major bonus was the sand toys. The kids had a blast and were entertained for hours playing in the sand.

  • I always make sure to have our water bottles, backpacks, and enough snacks to feed an army.

  • This was such an easy trip, super close to town so if you forgot anything it was easily accessible but still so isolated in the canyon it didn’t feel like it was close to the city. It was the best of both worlds.

  • Cooking takes so much more work when camping. My best tip for feeding kids while camping is bringing gogurts, granola bars, applesauce and lots of fruits and veggies your kids like. Then you don’t have to feel guilty when you don’t cook since you have plenty of healthy snacks on hand.

  • One of my biggest tips for dinner is to keep it simple. I frequently precook dinners and pack them in the cooler.

Snow Canyon Climbing Adventure


I wish I would have had more time to explore Snow Canyon. I also wish I had known that while the campground allowed dogs, there were only certain trails that allowed dogs within the park. This really limited our in-park adventures and was the reason we spent the majority of our time outside the park.

You can follow more of Amanda and her family climbing adventures on Instagram and Facebook.


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