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10 Epic Spots For Landscape Photography In Zion National Park

I'm so excited to have Eric with Horizon Photo Tours taking over the blog today to share all the beautiful places in Zion for epic landscape photography! He has so many great tips and info for capturing a little of that Zion magic with your camera.

Epic locations for Landscape photography in Zion National Park

One of the things I love most about Eric's photography is that when he photographs these beautiful Zion locations, he sees them differently. He gets creative and captures what he sees and feels, and doesn't just make an image of Zion that you have seen a million times. So make sure to check out his beautiful work here.

Hi there, this is Eric, and I'm a professional nature photographer living near Zion National Park in Southern Utah. I'm fortunate to spend much time here with my camera and want to share a few tips to help others discover Zion's beauty through the lens. Zion is an inspiring landscape full of immense beauty which changes constantly, but it can be challenging to photograph. Here are 10 amazing locations in Zion National Park to capture this stunning landscape, along with a "pro tip" for each location to further help you.

A pinhole image made with no lens at Canyon Junction Bridge in Zion National Park

A pinhole image made with no lens

Canyon Junction Bridge

The Canyon Junction Bridge is one of the most iconic locations in Zion National Park, offering an amazing view of the Virgin River and The Watchman. The composition here is great, particularly at sunset when The Watchman glows red and the curving Virgin River reflects the sky. Parking is limited for this spot, with all parking located past the bridge itself. You can also walk the Pa' rus trail from the Visitor Center, which follows the Virgin River to the bridge. Canyon Junction Bridge is most often photographed at sunset and night but can have great light in the morning too.