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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Cathedral Gorge State Park, NV

I'm so excited to have my good friend Shanti with HIKING MY WAY here today to sharing all the fun we had adventuring at Cathedral Gorge Sate Park, NV. You guys! This state park located just 1 hour 40 minutes from Saint George absolutely blew me away. Read on for all the details and make sure to add Cathedral Gorge State Park to your to your Southwestern Utah bucket list.

My husband is one of those guys who is always looking for a different adventure from what we have already done, which is how we ended up at the little known Cathedral Gorge State Park on the edge of Nevada the first week of December. A little under a two hour drive from St. George, this dramatic landscape of soft bentonite clay spires was formed over a million years ago from a volcanic eruption, leaving behind surreal looking landscape of canvas colored mud spires that are continually eroding and remoulding shape after every rain.

Like much of the Southwest, exploring open spaces like Cathedral Gorge happens in the early spring, late fall and winter. Summer is often scorching, so you want to stick to the shadowed canyons around Zion and watery hikes that keep you cool in the baking 100+ degree sun.

In the cooler months these surreal mud mountains are amazing to visit, as long as there hasn’t been a lot of snow or rain. Like much of the Southwest, after rain or snow touches the ground, you often have thick, gooey, heavy mud to contend with when you try to hike too soon, so pay attention to what the weather is doing in the days leading up to visiting this park.

We went one day after a rain and while there were parts we definitely avoided, we still found plenty of hard concrete like ground to hike on. Bringing an extra pair of shoes, a few towels and wet wipes to clean up post playing around this area is a good idea with kids.