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Hey there! My name is Arika and I am the owner/founder of Zion Adventure Photog. I am a Southern Utah girl, born and raised. I started Zion Adventure Photog 7 years ago as a way to spend as much time outdoors as possible doing what I truly love. Being an entrepreneur has been a wild ride and besides my three kiddos it is the one thing I am most proud of.


I love meeting travelers from all over the world and showing them the magic of Southern Utah.


Getting to capture couples and families out spending time in nature is the absolute best!

  Meet Arika  

10 Fun Facts


One thing on my bucket list: I would love to visit all the national parks in the United States.......and then the rest of the world. 

Something I can’t live without: My cat Tess. She is the sweetest, cuddliest and most lovable little thing ever. I seriously can’t get enough of her!

One of my favorite things to do: Road trippin! I try to do aleast one road trip a year solo and then one with friends. It's the best!

I want my last meal on earth to be: A cinnamon roll and a latte from River Rock in La Verkin or the shrimp tacos from Oscars in Springdale. I can’t decide which one!


When I was little I wanted to be a: A lawyer… funny cause I think that is the last thing on earth I would want to be now.


The one place I most want to travel to: So many places but if I had to pick one I would have to choose Costa Rica. I wanna go to the cloud forests and photograph the beautiful hummingbirds.

The first concert I ever attended: The Jets! 10 points if you know that group…..haha!

My favorite place in the world: So easy! Zion…..hands down! I grew up living 30 minutes from Zion and it was such a magical place to explore and play when I was a kid and that magic has never faded for me. It has only gotten stronger.


My spirit animal is: Cats……lions, tigers, cheetahs……I think they are such beautiful animals!

One of my hidden talents: Web design…..I built this website!

Kristen & Toylor-18_websize 2
The Madison Family-35_websize
Jana & Nick-69_websize
The Fluger Family-53_websize
The Hurst Family-82_websize
The Hurst Family-38_websize
The Balling Family-28_websize
Greg & Keshia-55_websize
The Schreiner-68_websize
The Shirazie Family-44_websize
THe Higinbotham Family-12_websize
Ashley & Jack-7_websize
The Madison Family-82_websize 2
The Swenson Family-120_websize
Greg & Keshia-93_websize
The Daniels Family-38_websize
The Swenson Family-129_websize
The Swenson Family-75_websize
The Kirk Family-139_websize
Pa'Rus Trail
Shannon & Bobby-52_websize
The Kirk Family-53_websize
Shannon & Bobby-16_websize
Shannon & Bobby-8_websize
Megan & Jon - Vow Renewal in ZIon-97_websize
Joe & Massiel-108_websize
Matthew & Melissa - Zion Elopement-43_websize
Katy & Jimmy_-196_websize
MICHELLE & FAMILY-25_websize
Katy & Jimmy_-152_websize
Kalena & Zack-228_websize
Joe & Massiel-99_websize
Joe & Massiel-67_websize
Caitlin & William Elopement-98_websize
Candice & Ricky-157_websize
Caitlin & William Elopement-113_websize
The Schreiner-31_websize.jpg
"Hire them! Arika was so amazing. We wanted family photos for our 10-year anniversary.  Arika knew all the cool spots (we are not from the area).  We wanted epic views, but we also needed a location we could hike to with toddlers, and the location Arika recommended was perfect.  For many, family photos can be a drag to get through, but we had so much fun. Arika helped us all feel at ease and was so good with the kids.  And of course, the final photos turned out amazing."
Logan S. - Los Angeles, CA

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