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Hi! I'm BayLenn! 

Growing up exploring Southern Utah gave me such a deep appreciation for capturing all of the stunning landscapes which then just naturally shifted to capturing other's stories in these incredible places.  


I've been a full time photographer for 3 years now! Time flies ! I love my job and feel so blessed that I get to do my dream job and be a full time mom. My family is my everything, and when I do need a break from the chaos that ensues being a mom, I love that I have this creative outlet that I get to just be fully myself. 


I feel so lucky to call this place home, and I can't wait to share it with you! Your life deserves to be documented and I can't wait to be a part of helping you share it.

  Meet BayLenn 

10 Fun Facts


One thing on my bucket list: I’d love to travel Europe for at least a month some day!

Something I can’t live without:  A sweet treat ! Whether it’s Boba, a milkshake, sour candy, cookies, I always have to have something sweet to get me through the day.

One of my favorite things to do: I love to CAMP! Really I love doing anything in the outdoors! Hiking, swimming, exploring count me in! 

I want my last meal on earth to be: I’m a sucker for a backyard bbq! Give me all the mac & cheese, smoked meat, and jello salads! 

When I was little I wanted to be a: I always wanted to be a mom, but also dreamt of becoming an actress on broadway.

The one place I most want to travel to: Bali! Anywhere tropical where I can sip Pina coladas and be on the beach.

The first concert I ever attended: Taylor swift! I’m a swiftie for SURE!

My favorite place in the world: I love southern utah ! It’s my home and where I see myself. Utah is also such a diverse state! Definitely my favorite! 

My spirit animal is:  A Giraffe ! I’ve always compared myself to these tall creatures! I’m 6 foot and grew up always being the “Tall Girl”. So a giraffe always seemed fitting.

One of my hidden talents: I’m a charcuterie board maker! I love to make things beautiful! Food included ! 

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