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Hey Ya'll! I am Kennedy, a southern Utah born + Texas raised photographer. I love all things that include being outdoors, my two labs and exploring new places with those I love.

I have always loved photography, and  two years ago I took the jump to being a full time photographer/videographer. I have a deep passion for capturing you in your season of life, whether it be you as an individual, as a couple, or the whole family! Every stage deserves to be acknowledged, celebrated and captured!

Let's go on an adventure, get to know each other, and get some awesome photos while you are exploring the beauty that Zion/Southwest Utah has to offer. 

  Meet Kennedy. 


10 Fun Facts


One thing on my bucket list: Explore Europe!

Something I can’t live without: Chapstick......pumpkin pie flavor.

One of my favorite things to do: Walk my doggos with my guy. Go to a yoga class and buy fresh flowers. More than one thing but my is my favorite sequence of things!

I want my last meal on earth to be: A blue corn, almond butter drizzled, strawberries and whipped cream waffle from Xetava with a  fresh cup of coffee......yummmmmm!


When I was little I wanted to be a: I actually didn’t have anything that stuck out to me. I do remember thinking I wanted to be a teacher because I loved writing on whiteboards? I was weird... still am.  


The one place I most want to travel to: This changes weekly... at the moment- Thailand!


The first concert I ever attended: Stevie Nicks

My favorite place in the world: Southern UTAH - hands down!


My spirit animal is: A bird. Literally... the Dido song now is stuck in my head.

One of my hidden talents: My partner, Alexander says- my endless enthusiasm. Does that work as a hidden talent?

Thank you Kennedy for our amazing pictures. The weather was not at our favor but she was talented enough to make awesome shots. Super professional, extremely friendly and amazingly talented! We will be forever grateful of the beautiful images captured of a special time in Utah! Thank you very much!
Ellie Garcia - Sant Barbara, CA

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