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  Meet Matti  

My name is Mattalynn and I have been lucky enough to call Utah my home for the last 6 years. I have been doing photography for roughly 5 years, my obsession started with landscape and adventure photography and I knew something was missing....It was people! I am obsessed with people’s smiles, and the stories behind them.


Utah is incredible and people travel from all around the world to view it’s stunning landscapes. I am lucky enough to have it in my own backyard and it continues to amaze me. I am an avid outdoor lover-it is where I feel true peace and I can be my most authentic self.


I recently beat Cancer in 2020, so believe me when I say there is NO time like the present. Let me help capture those special moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life. 


10 Fun Facts


One thing on my bucket list: I want to rent a campervan and drive all around ICELAND. It is the land of waterfalls and my photographer heart is going to be in heaven. 

Something I can’t live without: Music 100% it speaks to me throughout all of life’s ups and downs, the heartbreaks, the jams, life would be lame without it.

One of my favorite things to do: I am a huge adventurer and hiker, I am always outside soaking up Vitamin D! 


I want my last meal on earth to be: Food glorious food- probably sushi. 


When I was little I wanted to be a: Dentist. I actually ended up choosing dental hygiene and I do it part time and I love my career(s). I love that my photography career gives me a creative outlet!


The one place I most want to travel to: Iceland! 

The first concert I ever attended: The first concert I ever attended was Fallout Boy and Paramore - it was wild and I haven't been to a better concert yet!

My favorite place in the world: Outside. Anywhere. Mountains, ocean, desert, etc. I just feel so alive when I’m outside exploring. 


My spirit animal is: I would say an Eagle. Mostly because I think they are so symbolic for freedom and I think true happiness comes from just that. I also- would love to fly everywhere! 

One of my hidden talents: I actually love to dance- and grew up dancing (mostly hip hop). If a good beat is playing I can’t help myself!


"We had an amazing photo shoot with Mattie from Zion Adventure. I discovered this company online about a week before our trip. I reached out via email and was surprised when the owner responded.  She was  super responsive to my inquiries and questions and got us booked for a last-minute photoshoot in Hurricane. Our photographer Mattie was amazing with my kiddos who tend to be a bit grumpy early in the morning. She even got them to smile. Mattie is amazing the pictures came out so much better than I could've hoped for."

Tykesha Burton - San Francisco, CA

  Rave Reviews!  

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