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Hi I'm Simone! Lover of anything and everything outside, and forever fascinated by my home of Southern Utah. You can find me in the mountains with my favorite companions, Harvey & Teva, or paddle boarding on the lake all summer long.


My love for photography began at a very young age; from capturing photos of my animals on my Fujifilm disposable cameras, to being the one who HAD to get behind the lens to get photos of my friends and family when we were adventuring together. I have always known that this is what I was meant to do so I finally invested in myself and my passion & here I am!


Thankful to share in adventures with people who love this part of the world as much as I do & capture memories that will last a lifetime. 

  Meet Simone   


10 Fun Facts


One thing on my bucket list: I’ve always wanted to take a road trip to Banff National Park! My dream is to kayak in the crystal clear waters of Lake Moraine.

Something I can’t live without: I’m a firm believer that coffee & wine make my world go round & I’m a better person for it. Growing up with an Italian family, both of these items were readily available at all hours of the day! 


One of my favorite things to do: My all time favorite activity is taking my horses out to the mountains. I love riding out far enough that I can see Zion Canyon, while simultaneously being away from the crowds and I can hear all of my thoughts. 


I want my last meal on earth to be: I’ve always joked and said I could easily be a pescatarian. Although I’ve never fully committed, I’m still a firm believer I could live on anything the ocean can provide. My last meal would definitely be a giant plate of King Crab Legs and cheesy garlic mashed potatoes.


When I was little I wanted to be a: My love for animals never died, but my desire to get a Masters in Veterinary Science did. I always thought I’d be Dr. Dolittle!  


The one place I most want to travel to: Ive always wanted to make it to Sicily. My family has a rich history in Palermo, and I would love to experience all it has to offer. Good wine, pasta, and family history? A dream.


The first concert I ever attended: My very first concert was Little Big Town! They came to a local fair in my small town of Evanston, Wyoming & I was enamored by them. Still one of my favorite country western bands to date!


My favorite place in the world: Even though it doesn’t exist within my family anymore, my Grandpapa’s house in San Clemente, CA will forever be where I escape to in my mind. Years of searching for sand dollars, body surfing, toes in the sand, good food, stories and memories of him will live on forever. 


My spirit animal is: My spirit animal is, and will always be a raccoon. Cute, fluffy, will eat anything & slightly mischievous.


One of my hidden talents: I will self deem my skill for identifying any cloud in the sky + being able to tell you the approximate elevation and moisture it contains my greatest talent. 

Sarah + Family Album-52_websize.jpg
"Loved the pictures and enjoyed so much the session with Simone! She helped us so much and had enormous patience. Our daughter was not in the mood for a photoshoot and still all the pictures came out perfect! We wanted a slot canyon but because of the weather we couldn't get there but found another lovely place! Simone thanks so much for the great pics!"
Sara Mcdowell

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