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Recharge after hiking in Zion - The Spa at Cable Mountain Lodge

I have never been very good at pampering myself. As a mother of three, I am usually just happy to have an afternoon on my own every once in a while. Recently though with some life changes (getting a divorce), I have become more intentional about my self-care.

I realize that taking care of myself and doing things that make me happy have a huge ripple effect. I am a better mother and overall human when I make self-care a priority.

In the past the idea of a spa treatment after a day of hiking would have been a totally foreign idea for me, but these days I think it should be a necessity. Haha, maybe not a necessity but hey, if healing, inner peace, and radiant energy are your thing, then a spa day at The Spa at Cable Mountain Lodge is calling!

Located in Springdale, and just steps from the entrance to Zion, The Spa at Cable Mountain Lodge is the ideal way to rest, recover and recharge after a day spent hiking the trails in Zion.

I was recently lucky enough to spend a beautiful afternoon with a girlfriend getting pampered and enjoying the calming energy at The Spa at Cable Mountain Lodge. It was pure bliss.

From the moment we walked in the doors of the spa, I felt a deep calmness and relaxation wash over me. We were given robes, sandals, and a locker key for our belongings and then guided to a beautiful women's locker room with a lemongrass eucalyptus-infused steam room and whirlpool.

We spent some leisurely time soaking in the whirlpool and showering off before heading down to the co-ed relaxation lounge for a quiet place to relax before our treatments. The relaxation lounge was such a beautiful space with a lighted salt wall, moving art, fresh fruit, and fruit-infused water.

Our massage therapists came out and greeted us and then took us back to separate cozy rooms. I received the Emerald Pools Gemstone massage. The massage focused on the healing powers within gemstones, crystals, and petrified wood fossils. The crystal-infused oils and vibrational energy mists were amazing, and I felt so energized after my massage.

My girlfriend got the Mountain of the Sun Massage. Her message focused on soothing tight muscles and fragrant organic oils. From the look on her face after the massage, I think she enjoyed it......haha!

After the massages, we headed to the Social Spa for the Sweet Desert Honey Hand and Foot Treatment. The four-person co-ed Socal Spa suite had the most fantastic lay back Zero Gravity Dream Loungers. I could have laid in my lounger all day while getting my fragrant warm foot soak and deliciously scented Caramel Coffee Scrub. The drizzle of Honey Heel Glaze mask and Sunflower Honey Butter massage was so good!

After our treatments, we enjoyed some quiet time in the relaxation lounge before heading back to the locker rooms for one more dip in the whirlpool.

It was such a beautiful and relaxing afternoon at The Spa at Cable Mountain Lodge. Don't you worry, I will be again soon for some more self-care whether I go for a hike before or not. Click here for a list of all the services and to book your next spa day.

Compensation for this post was provided by Cable Mountain Lodge. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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