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Visiting Veyo Pool and Crawdad Canyon - Veyo UT

It's no secret that summers in Southern Utah are hot. Knowing the best spots to escape the heat is essential to survival and Veyo Pool and Crawdad Canyon is one of those spots. Located in the small town of Veyo, just 20 minutes from St. George, in a lush green canyon is one of the most unique swimming pools you will ever visit.

Surrounded by towering jagged basalt rock and a shady stream filled with catch and release crawdads, Veyo Pool and Crawdad Canyon is the perfect summer destination with your family. And did I mention that the canyon is typically 12-15 degrees cooler than the temps in Saint George!?!

The natural spring pool stays at a comfortable 87 degrees and is emptied and refilled every evening with fresh new water from the natural spring on the property. There are fun surprises placed in the sides of the pool like a 2 dollar bill, a bat skeleton, a baby turtle and many more surprises covered in acrylic and hidden for little divers to find.


Veyo Pool and Crawdad Canyon is open in the summer from Memoria Day weekend through the end of September Monday-Sunday 9am - 8pm

Canyon Access Pass

14 and Older - $9.50

Children under 14 - $7.50

Children under 2 - Free

The Canyon Access Pass includes use of the pool and crawdad canyon for the full day.


There are 30 beautiful campsites perfectly situated right along the lush, shady stream in Crawdad Canyon.

Campsites range from $25-$35 a night for up to 4 people.

When I camped here with my family we especially loved listening to the stream rushing alongside our tent and hearing the sounds of the canyon come alive at night. It was magical.

There also sites available for large groups.

All campers are required to buy a Canyon access pass for each day camping.


Guest are allowed to bring food with them for the day, but one of our favorite things is having lunch or dinner served poolside. The Veyo Phand dipped corn dogs are so freakin good!


If you are into rock climbing, then you won't want to miss the 250 bolted climbing routes in the canyon that range from 5.6 to 5.13.

The all-day Rock Climbing pass is $8.50 and does not include gear.


When we weren't swimming in the pool and eating at the yummy onsite grill we were

exploring along the stream, catching crawdads, and imagining we were in a J.R. Tolkien novel. The beauty and uniqueness of this lush, shady canyon is seriously unmatched anywhere else in the Saint George area.


It's not hard to catch a Crawdad if you know how to do it. For a while I just thought you had to be super fast but turns out if you bring hotdogs and put them on a stick, the crawdads will come to you.

All you need is a string, and a paper clip or clothespin to tie on to the line and a stick. You also need a net and a bucket. Attach the hotdog, stick it in the water, and patiently wait for them to come.

The crawdads are very shy and immediately hide when they hear you coming, so it is best to put the hotdog in a spot that looks like a good hiding place. Once the crawdad attaches to the hotdog slowly pull them out of the water, swoop them up with a net and plop them in the bucket.

The stream is catch and release, so when you are done, make sure to put them all back where you found them.


No visit to Veyo is complete without making a stop at Veyo Pies. Located along the main road and right around the corner from the pool, Veyo Pies is world-famous for their pies. Yes, they are that good.

Our favorites are the banana cream pie, the sour cream lemon, and coconut cream......if you can’t tell we like cream pies....haha. If you are there during lunch, you also need to try their chicken pot pie and brisket sandwich.


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