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A Zion Spring Break Adventure - Itinerary

Suzanne and Patrick met in college. After five years of traveling the country and the world for Patrick, with the Army, they had the golden opportunity to choose the best place for them to raise their growing family, Sun Valley, Idaho. Fast forward years later, and they are still there happily raising their three adventurous kiddos, Braden, Elise and Will. They like to do everything with their kids, and as they have gotten older, their family bucket list keeps on expanding and getting even better with more adventures.

"A few years ago, we were on a National Park kick and wanted to visit as many National Parks that we could drive to, so we loaded up our suburban and planned an All-American road trip for spring break.

Within the first day of arriving at Zion, we were hooked by the majestic beauty, the adventures, and the ease of the park! We did the Narrows and couldn't believe that a place like that actually existed. That was inspiring for my whole family. We still talk about it! So, for the past three years, whenever we plan our spring break trip, the kids always beg to go back to Zion and each time that we go, there is always something new and exciting that we discover. It's amazing how peaceful and connected we all feel when we are there." - Suzanne


March 20th thru March 22nd 2017


9, 10, & 12


We usually stay at the Hampton Inn in Springdale, but this time we stayed at Zion Lodge inside the park and loved it (book early!). We felt like we were at a summer camp for the whole family. We could eat breakfast on our little balcony and stare at the magnificent mountains, then quickly walk over to a hiking trail. I felt like we went back in time, in a good way.

I would try to get a room on the second floor so you could open up your balcony door at night. It would also be quieter!



When we first got to Zion, we checked in and orientated ourself on the area and formulated our plan for the next couple of days. I love to also check out every visitor center, so we did that too! Our main goal for Zion was to hike the Narrows (a family favorite!), but we discovered that it was closed due to high water, so we had to come up with another plan. We heard that the Subway was amazing, so that became Plan B. We went to the visitor center to get our permit, but were told that they Subway waters were becoming too high and many grown-ups couldn't access it. Time to think of Plan C--quickly. I did a quick search using very spotty cell service and found Red Desert Adventure and booked our canyoneering/repelling trip for the next day.


We went to Jack's Sports Grille for dinner. We have been there before, so since we had hungry kids and were on a time crunch, we ate there again. A good variety of food for families---salads, hamburgers, etc. After dinner, we did an adventure shoot with Zion Adventure Photog along the Pa'Rus trail! After the photos, we drove into Springdale and had wonderful ice cream at Hoodoos Ice Cream Parlor. We had huge waffle cones that were delicious!! Since the sun was setting, we were thankful that we brought our jackets with us!



We are kind of lame when it comes to breakfast and always eat in our hotel rooms. We hit up the grocery store and stock up on fruit, yogurt, bars, pb and j sandwiches, etc. The hotel room didn't have a fridge, so thankfully we had our cooler with us.

We are morning people, so we were up early and were able to eat breakfast on our balcony while watching a couple of deer munch on the grass in front of us. Priceless! We then walked to Angel's Landing (1/2 mile walk from our hotel room). Our plan was just to walk as far as we felt comfortable since we heard that Angel's Landing isn't recommended for children. Since we were up earlier, the trail was fairly empty and due construction of the trail, we found that it was a fairly easy hike. Before we knew it, we were within 1/2 mile of the end, which also was the scariest section. Again, we took it nice and slow and went only as far as we felt comfortable as a family. By now, the crowds were starting to pick up, so we sure were grateful that we got up early. We stopped to fuel up at the ledge and hang out. A volunteer park ranger was giving a fascinating presentation on the California Condors in the park, so that was fun for us to listen to. The gentlemen does the presentation a couple of times of week, so we were glad that we were able to catch his talk. On our hike down, the crowds really picked up and it was almost a line going up to the top. The early bird catches the worm. :)


For lunch, we walked back to Zion Lodge and had lunch at their outdoor cafe. The boys and Patrick had cheeseburgers, I had their black bean burger (recommend it!), and Elise had pizza. We also had fresh fruit (apples and oranges) and yummy soft serve ice cream. We ate lunch on the big grassy lawn, and people watched while chatting about our hike.

After lunch, Elise and I walked across the street and checked out the horses at the stables. They are located next to a peaceful stream, and again, it was so beautiful all around us. We were the only ones there, so we took our time talking to each one of the sleepy horses.

Around 2:00, Nathan from Red Desert Adventures