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Hiking the Subway From the Bottom Up - Zion National Park

The Subway is one of those trails that starts out just ok, but with every step you take, it gets better and better. By the time you reach the pools at the end, you feel like you have entered a whole new world.

Hiking The Subway in Zion National Park


8 miles round trip


The difficulty of this trail lies mostly in all the rock scrambling you have to do. You will constantly be going up, down, over and around rocks and boulders as you follow the Left Fork of North Creek up the stream to The Subway. The most exhausting part of the hike is the 1/2 mile steep and rocky descent to get to the stream at the beginning of the hike. That 1/2 mile steep incline on your return will not be your friend, but those memories are so worth it!


8 miles up the Kolob Terrace road is the start of the hike. The sign for the parking lot says Left Fork Trailhead. Click Here for directions.


This hike is by permit only. Read the tips section below for more info about getting a permit. Hiking The Subway from the bottom means that you do not have to do any repelling to get to the beautiful blue-green pools of water known as The Subway, it does not mean that you are starting at a low point.

From the parking lot, you will take a nicely maintained trail about 1/2 mile through a juniper and pinion forest. Things start to get interesting when that trail turns into a steep and rocky descent.

Once you reach the bottom, you will take the Left Fork of North Creek stream and follow that all the way up until you hit the main attraction.

The trail is rocky and unclear in many spots. You just have to pick a side of the stream and go back and forth as you make your way up. It's all about the journey and not the destination totally applies to this trail. There are so many beautiful gems along the way. The destination is pretty magical though. Scroll through for tips and additional info.