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Discover Zion with the Fun of an E-Bike Rental

Take your Zion National Park adventure to the next level with an e-bike rental! Enjoy the park's incredible trails, sights, and features without tiring out too much. With this convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation, you'll get to explore Zion like never before.

E-biking the Zion Canyon girl on e-bike

In the last few years, e-bikes have become a very popular way to experience the Zion Canyon. E-bike rental shops have popped up all over Springdale & surrounding towns, making it easy for visitors to skip the shuttle lines and ride into the Zion Canyon on an e-bike, free to take in the canyon at their own pace.

I have been curious to try this popular new activity in Zion, but for some reason, I was hesitant. Maybe I thought that renting an e-bike would be a hassle. Perhaps I thought it would be too expensive, or maybe I thought e-biking would be too hard for me to figure out.

In all honesty, I did try biking into the canyon on a regular bike a few years ago, and I discovered after just 10 minutes that I couldn’t hack it. That was a huge blow to my ego…..haha! What if I still couldn’t do it even on an e-bike?…..yikes!

Choose the Right E-Bike for Your Adventure

After stopping and talking to Luke at Greater Zion E-bike Rentals in La Verkin, just around the corner from my house, I discovered that I could rent affordable e-bikes that could fold up and fit in the back of my Toyota 4Runner……what!!! How easy it that!


So the next day, my partner Eric and I rented two e-bikes, folded them up, drove the 30-minute drive up to Zion, and biked the Zion Canyon under the moonlight. It was absolute magic.

E-bike in Zion National Park

It turns out that all my hesitations were completely unfounded. Renting an e-bike was so simple and affordable, and after 10 minutes of getting the hang of it, I was a pro, whizzing around Zion with comfort, ease, and speed. It was amazing!!! I seriously can’t get enough.

After having such a fantastic time, I decided my Zion Adventure Photog team needed to experience biking the Zion Canyon. Since Greater Zion E-bikes also drops off bikes to clients all over Southern Utah, I had Luke, the owner of Greater Zion E-bike Rentals, meet us in Springdale with four e-bikes. He gave the girls a quick tutorial, and we were off. My girls absolutely loved biking the Zion Canyon as much as I thought they would.

E-biking the Zion Canyon 3 girls on E-bikes in Zion National Park

We explored all along the canyon at our own pace, stopping regularly to take pictures and for a bunch of photographers, we pretty much stopped whenever we saw good light......haha!

Our favorite stop was at the lodge, where we got ice cream and ate it under the big cottonwood tree on the lawn.....heaven!!!!

PRO TIP - If the Castle Dome Cafe is closed (they close at 4) you can get ice cream to go from The Red Rock Grill located in The Zion Lodge.

Know the Rules of the Road in Zion + Other Tips

  • The bikes go 20 miles an hour, a little faster on downhill sections and a little slower on hills

  • The average mileage the bikes get on a full battery ranges from 30-40 miles depending on the amount of up hill.......plenty of battery to bike the full canyon and back.

  • It takes 30 minutes to get from the Zion Visitor Center to the end of the Zion Canyon, Temple of Sinewave

  • E-bike pricing with Greater Zion E-bikes starts at $59 for a 1/2 day rental…..about $40 less than the Springdale shops.

  • There are a ton of great trails in Southern Utah for e-biking. I recommend Snow Canyon Trail, Red Hills Parkway & The Virgin river bike trail.

  • E-bikes can go wherever road bikes or mountain bikes can go.

  • Greater Zion E-bike Rentals offers a selection of E-bike tours......check out the details HERE

Renting an e-bike allows you to spend the morning or afternoon going at your own pace through the Zion canyon. You will feel so alive zooming through the canyon with the wind in your hair, smells of the lush desert vegetation around you, and feeling the pockets of cool and warm air on your skin. I can't wait for you to try it!

Happy Adventuring,



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