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Hiking Canyon Overlook Trail - Zion National Park

This family-friendly trail on the east side of Zion features big horn sheep sightings, caves (kinda) and one of the most breathtaking views in the park. It almost feels like cheating to get views like this with such an easy hike.

Hiking the Canyon Overlook trail


1-mile round trip.


This is an easy family friendly hike with very little elevation gain. Beware, there are steep drop-offs on this trail, so it is very important to keep an eye on your children at all times.


The trail is mostly level, but in the very beginning there are some very short uphill switchbacks that the younger kiddos may need a bit of help with. It is important to note that even though this is a very kid friendly hike, there are plenty of spots along the trail and especially at the overlook that can be dangerous. Make sure your children stick to the trail and away from the edges. Plan to spend some time at the overlook enjoying the amazing views.


This trail is located on the east side of Zion, just east of the Carmel Tunnel. Click Here for exact location and directions.


When you come out of the Carmel Tunnel, there will be a small parking lot immediately to your right. I recommend pulling into that parking lot even if you don’t see any spaces available. There is a spot at the back of the lot where you can wait and see if something will become available soon. If it’s not looking good, you can pull out and go a little farther up the road, and there is a very small parking area to your left. Pull in there even if you don’t see anything and wait for something to oven up. If you go any further up the road you will have a decent walk to get to the trailhead. Scroll through for tips and additional info.