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Exploring Moqui Caverns, Kanab, UT

I came across a picture of these amazing light filled caves on Instagram the other day, and my mind was blown. I could hardly concentrate on anything else I just wanted to go and see them for myself. That day I picked the kiddos up from school, made the hubby get off work early, and we drove to Kanab. I couldn't find much information online about the location and the hike because I didn't know what they were called (later discovered they are called Moqui Caverns), so I was pretty nervous we wouldn't find them, or worse the hike would be too hard with the kids. It turns out they weren't hard to find, it was an easy hike and true to the pic on Instagram, they were magic.


The trail is located in between the Moqui Caves and the Best Frend Animal Sanctuary exit on HWY 89. The caves are on the east side of the road the same side as Moqui Caves (Moqui Caves and Moqui Caverns are two very different things). You can look up and see the caves from the road. You will park in a little pullout area on the west side of the road right across from the caves. Click here for the map and exact directions from your location.

Please be respectful and DO NOT add to the carvings in the sandstone walls. Always practice Leave No Trace principals and leave the places you visit the way you found them. Better yet, bring a clean-up bag with you and leave it BETTER than you found it!


The short hike to the caves is easy and family friendly. You will have to scale up a wall for a very short distance, but if you have good traction on your shoes, it won't be a problem. Shoes with good traction are a must!


1/4 mile round trip.


Once you cross the road you will have to look around to find the trail. It isn't marked and is a little hard to find. Once you are on the dirt trail, you will make your way towards the mountain with the caves. You will also be heading north. The north side (closer to Moqui Cave the tourist attraction) is the easiest spot to scale up the rock to make your way over to the caves. Scroll down for tips and additional info.