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Hiking West Cinder Knoll Trail - Hurricane UT

True Story - I drove past this unassuming trail every day for almost two years before stopping to check it out. I knew it was some sort of a trail because I often saw cars at this one spot along the road and I could see a path heading into the distance, but I can't for the life of me figure out why it took me so long to stop and check it out for myself. Once I finally did I was absolutely kicking myself. Such a great trail for kids, beautiful views and the volcanic cone at the top of the knoll is magical. Just ask The American Field Trip!


1.2 miles round trip to the knoll and back. The trail can also be extended to about 2.5 miles round trip (see tips and additional info section below).


This short trail is great for all skill levels, but there is a very short and steep uphill hike to be aware of. The hill is also a bit slippery with loose cinder cone so taking it slow going down is important.


The West Cinder Knoll trail is accessed directly from a stepover on 600 North in the City of Hurricane (my home town!). The trailhead is on the north side of the road and about 1/4 mile west of the 870 West road.

Always practice Leave No Trace principals and leave the places you visit the way you found them. Better yet, bring a clean-up bag with you and leave it BETTER than you found it!

Trail Details

The trail starts on a clearly defined dirt path. You can look up ahead and a bit to your left and see the hill and the dirt path that you will be climbing to get to the top of the knoll. The trail will fork in many directions once you reach the base of the knoll. Take the path that will lead you up. As mentioned above, the uphill climb is a bit slippery because of all the loose cinders on the trail. Take it slow and chose your footing carefully. Once at the top of the knoll explore to your heart's content. This area is so much fun for kids to run and play in the cinders. Enjoy the beautiful views of the Sandstone Mountain complex to the north, the East Cinder Knoll to the east, and portions of the Hurricane Valley to the south. You can take a less vertical path down by finding a small trail wrapping around the east side of the knoll.