Summer fun at Sand Hollow Reservoir - Hurricane, Utah

With its tepid blue waters and stunning red rock backdrop, Sand Hollow in the summer is the perfect place to spend a day playing in the sand, swimming, enjoying water sports, and cliff jumping.

Read below to see which side of the lake is best for making sand castles and which side is best for cliff jumping.


Sand Hollow is located 10 minutes South West of Hurricane UT. Click here for directions.


$10 per vehicle up to 8 people. If you have a Utah Parks pass you can use it at Sand Hollow


April thru September

Daily: 6 am to 10 pm

October thru March

Daily: 7 am to 9 pm

Activities on the South Side of the Lake

On the south side of the lake, young children can spend hours splashing in the shallow water and making sandcastles in the soft red sand. Pull over anywhere along the road as you drive along the south side.

There are picnic tables all along the shore to make camp for the day.

We love spending hot summer evenings here. While the kiddos play happily in the sand I walk along the sandy shore as the sun dips behind the mountains. Needless to say it is a beautiful sunset every time.


On the north side of the lake you can climb and explore the red rocks and if you are brave enough even do some cliff diving.

Since my kiddos are not quite old enough to enjoy cliff diving, we spend most of our time swimming and playing on the red rocks. It's the perfect spot for playing mermaids.....just ask my girls

The north side is such a fun area for exploring! There is a section in the red rocks where the water flows into the lake. It looks like a little river/water fall, and it is covered in bright green moss and vegetation. It is so beautiful you guys!


Cliff jumping at Sand Hollow is a popular activity for all ages. Make your way to the far east side of the north section of the lake. From there you will have to do some climbing to get over to the popular cliff jumping section. Younger children will need plenty of help here.

The cliffs range from very high and advanced to very beginner, making this perfect for all ages and dare devil levels.

Beware that cliff jumping is a risky activity and may result in injury or death......gotta add that.


  • If you are visiting with kids don't forget the sand toys.

  • Sand Hollow can get very busy on holiday weekends so if you are planning on visiting during a holiday weekend make sure to arrive very early (before 9 am) to get a good spot to play for the day.

  • A bacteria known as Swimmers Itch lives in Sand Hollow in the summer due to the warm water. This allergy effects 7% of the population. It shows up as itchy bumps on the skin. To read more about it click here.

  • There is a rental and restaurant called The Beach at Sand Hollow (BASH) where you can get a bite to eat, rent kayaks, paddle boards, ATV’s and UTV’s.

  • If you plan to camp at Sand Hollow, try to get a spot in the Westside campground at the top section. The views are amazing, especially at sunset!

If you are in need of a respite from the intense summer heat of Southern Utah, make sure to check out Sand Hollow.

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