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Glamping With a baby at Zion Glamping Adventures in Southern Utah

Tucked away in its own private haven, up against a gorgeous backdrop of red rock, and nestled underneath a starry night sky- sits Zion Glamping Adventures.

If you are searching for incredible views and serenity while visiting Zion + Southern Utah, Zion Glamping Adventures is your place! Glamping is the perfect mix of comfort and convince which make it so much easier to go camping with a baby.

About Zion Glamping Adventures

This Glamping Paradise is family owned and operated and full of hospitality. It is located in Hilldale, UT, and everyone in the family pitches in daily to keep it fully stocked and clean and answer any questions guests might have.

Each tent has wifi, electricity, heat, and cooling, not to mention hot showers and bathrooms on the property! But the best thing about this glamping site is THE LOCATION. It has all the views of Zion's red rocks without all the crowds. Here at Zion Glamping Adventures, all are welcome. It is both kid-friendly and pet friendly!

First Come, First Serve at Zion Glamping Adventures

Before arrival, you will receive a text with helpful information and a warm welcome from the camp's host, ours was Steve. They have free parking on the premises, which is always a plus!

One of my favorite things about this place was that we got to choose our tent when we arrived. They only allow people to book specific tents after. If you paid for a two-bed, they will give you a list of the two-bed tents available that night, and you can walk around and check each of them out and see which spot is speaking to you!

The same goes for those who book a one-bed tent etc. It was fun to walk around and pick our home for the next couple of nights!

A Peek Inside the Canvas at Zion Glamping Adventures

Glamping= Camping with all the PROS and none of the CONS, basically luxury camping!

There is one bed and two-bed tent options. The one-bed tents have a queen bed(with all the blankets, pillows, etc.), a couch, a table with chairs inside, light, and a heater/ac unit.

The two beds come with two queen beds, table & chairs, heater/ac unit, and a light. Both tents also come with electrical outlets which are so nice for charging phones, camera equipment, etc., and WIFI. Each tent has a table outside with chairs and its own fire pit!

We chose Tent #21- It was the furthest away from the other tents, and the views were unmatched. The con- it was the furthest away from the amenities of camp, meaning the bathrooms, showers, games, etc. It also was a bit of an incline walk to get to. We definitely got our steps each day! For me, views will always beat out extra walking! We also had a nine-month-old with us, and being a new mom, I was worried about sleep time with a baby and didn't want to disturb other campers.

We brought a "pack-n-play" with us, and our little guy slept great! However, I did learn later that they have a few cribs/pack-n-plays on the property!

We visited in May, but it still got a little chilly at night, so it was very nice having the heater on inside the tent so I wasn't afraid of our baby getting cold during the night.

The Grounds at Zion Glamping Advetures

Everything felt spotless and welcoming. It had a community feeling as all of the amenities were in the center of the property. All of the guests were very friendly, and we had some great conversations with people traveling from all over.

There were several guests with children, which was comforting for me to know this place was "Family Friendly." The Community sitting area has a fire Pit and picnic tables. Outdoor games are available such as tetherball, steer roping, cornhole, etc.

We loved the outdoor kitchen. Each morning fresh pancakes were made and served with applesauce which I found out was the "Zion Glamping way" to eat your breakfast. They were so good, but everything always tastes better when you're camping! Hot cakes are paired with hot coffee and tea, and if you needed hot water to make a bottle like I did, that was convenient!

Zion Glamping Adventures has five bathrooms with five hot showers. They were spotless and such a nice touch. It's so nice that there were five of them. I never felt like I was waiting!

They are currently working on a few outdoor hot tubs a pool, and a polar plunge. When we arrived, they weren't running quite yet, but they are very close. They also have a really cool rustic sauna- I wish I would have brought my swimsuit. Next time I will be trying these out!

Our Itinerary - Glamping with a baby


  • We arrived at camp around 7:30 pm, just as the sun was setting. We picked our tent and got all our things hauled to our campsite. Steve (camp host) is such a genuine guy and was so sweet to us. He gave us a little tour around the camp and made sure we had all of our questions answered.

  • We started a fire by our tent and took in the views as the last light hit the red rocks.

  • I snuck out of the tent around 11 pm to try and get some astro shots of our tent. It was a full moon and was super bright and cloudy. I still managed to get some cool shots.


  • We woke up, went down to the outdoor kitchen area, and had some delicious pancakes for breakfast cooked by Cowboy Shawn, one of the owners. Our little guy Klay loved them!

  • We went on a hike to Water Canyon. Water Canyon is an incredible little hike filled with waterfalls, lush desert scenery, and towering sandstone cliffs. The camp host gave us directions to the trailhead, we just followed the same road the camp is on all the way to the end, and that's where the trailhead starts, maybe 5 mins away or so! It was so green, and the views were unmatched.

  • The hike is about 1.5 miles to the end waterfall and then the same 1.5 miles back. Some parts were steeper than others, but overall, it was a great family-friendly hike. CHECK OUT OUR BLOG POST - HIKING WATER CANYON, CANNAN MOUNTAIN, SOUTHERN UTAH

  • There were many little waterfalls all along the way, and it was right alongside the creek!

  • I packed us some lunch that morning, and we found a nice spot in the shade to eat.

  • We went back to camp to take a nap. Traveling with a baby has forced me to slow down a bit, and I am not complaining about it.

  • Later we went and took a peak at the dinosaur tracks nearby, and looked at the sauna spa areas.

  • For dinner we went to Whiptail Grill in Springdale. It is one of my favorite restaurants next to Zion. We ordered chips and queso, the Surf N Turf, and the BBQ Bacon Gouda Burger! I cannot tell you how good it all was, wow! This place never disappoints.

  • Later that night, we returned to camp and had great conversations with people traveling from Europe, China, and other parts of the US. They couldn't believe how Zion was even more beautiful in person. It reminded me of how lucky I am that this is my home.

  • When it was time to go to bed we went up to our tent, sat by our fire, and enjoyed the moment with our little family. Our little guy loved the fire crackling and dancing across the night sky.


  • We woke up, had our pancakes( duh), and went on a UTV Tour that Zion Glamping Adventures offers. Our guide's name was Troy, and he grew up there. He took us on a tailored ride for our family, as we have a little baby. We put Klay's carseat in the UTV, and buckled him in for the ride.

  • I couldn't believe my eyes. The entire ride was absolutely breathtaking, there were so many beautiful views of Zion and the surrounding areas.

  • He took us to two different locations to see some petroglyphs!

  • After our ride we made it back to camp and got everything packed up. We were sad to go but even more excited to return again!

Getting There

Closest Airports

St. George Airport- about 1hr away

Las Vegas Airport is about 2.5 hours away

Salt Lake City Airport- about 5 hours away.

Zion Glamping Adventures is located in Hilldale, Utah, on Water Canyon Rd. I googled the location "Zion Glamping Adventures," and it took me right to it. They also texted me the address before my arrival.

Things Nearby

  • Zion National Park-1 hr

  • Bryce Canyon National Park-2 hrs

  • Snow Canyon State Park-1 hr 20 mins

  • Water Canyon Hike- 5-7 mins

  • UTV Tour with Zion Glamping Adventures- Onsite

  • Horseback Riding Tour with Zion Glamping Adventures -Onsite

  • Sand Hollow Lake, Quail Lake in Hurricane Ut. -45 mins

  • Local Food- Berry Knoll Bakery, Edge of the World, Brothers Bistro

  • Local Coffee- Sweet Sage Coffe Shop

  • Local Gas Station- The Border Store

  • Local Stores- Dollar General, Bees Marketplace

Our staycation at Zion Glamping Adventures was exactly what we needed. I have always loved camping but being a new mama I have been a little nervous about camping with a baby. With Zion Glamping Adventures we were able to camp but still have all the comfort and luxuries of home......but better. I loved showing our little guy what a beautiful area we live in and hopefully start fostering his sense of adventure. Click here to book a stay with Zion Glamping Adventures. Trust me. You will love it!

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