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Mystic Hot Springs - A Family Adventure in Central Utah

Hot springs have a special place in my heart. I grew up spending a lot of time at the Pah Tempe Hot Springs about 1/2 a mile from my home in Hurricane. I often joke that the pungent rotten egg sulfur smell is the smell of my childhood.....haha! I know it's weird but I love it! The Pah Tempe Hot Springs has since been closed but my love of hot springs still remains.

Good ole social media introduced me to Mystic Hot Springs and ever since I saw those unique cast iron tubs surrounded by mounds of red rock, I have been aching to go.

Mystic Hot Springs - Monroe UT

I did my research online and everything I found made me more and more curious about this fascinating property in Central Utah.

The property dates back to 1886 when Mormon pioneers settled near the large mounds of mineral deposits formed by a small stream of flowing hot water. The Pioneers eventually built a swimming hole at the site and named it Monroe Hot Springs.

The property changed hands a few times after that until "Mystic Mike," the current owner, bought the property in the mid-1990s. With the desire to welcome more people to the property Mike sought out abandoned vans and pioneer cabins and restored them to rent out to guests wanting to stay on the property. He currently has 15 cabins, all in different stages of restoration.

This article has really great information about the history of Mystic Hot Springs along with the About Page on the Mystic Hot Springs web site.

So on a cold weekend in February we loaded up the kiddos and made the trek to check out this hot spring at the top of my ever expanding bucket list. From my research, I knew the property was a little run down so I didn't expect much.......but right off I fell in love. It felt welcoming with a very eclectic hippy vibe.

I actually think it would be a little sad if they fixed it up and made it all perfect. I loved the old cabins and buses on the property. So unique and beautiful in their own way. I wish I could have spent more time exploring the cabins and buses but we pulled up an hour before sunset so our number one goal was to get our passes and get soaking!

I needed to get good pics before the light was gone people!!!

I was hoping it wouldn't be too busy but seriously I should have known better. As we climbed the steps up to the springs I crossed my fingers that we would be able to get one of the cast iron tubs to soak in but my hopes were quickly dashed as I saw that they were all full.

With my heart broken, we went back down to get in the pools at the base of the property. Chris and the kids climbed in the warmest of the two pools and I walked around the property to check out and photograph the springs.

As I walked around the upper south side of the property I noticed there was one hidden tub that no one was in. WHAT!!!! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I practically ran down to the pools and begged Chris come with me to the hidden tub. I have a good man. It was freakin cold outside so I wouldn't have blamed him if he said no.

We couldn't leave Phoenix in the pool by himself so we bundled him up in towels and took him with us while the girls happily played with new friends in the pool.