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Hiking The Narrows - Zion National Park

The Narrows is one of the most famous adventure hikes in Zion National Park because well, it's amazing!!! The trail starts as you step off the paved Riverside Walk trail, and start wading up the Virgin River into the canyon. The walls close in quick and you are surrounded by 1000 foot cliffs. In the summer this hike is the perfect reprieve from the intense summer heat but this hike can even be done year round with special gear.


To get to the turn around point at Big Springs (a permit is needed to go any further) it is 4.5 miles one way, including the paved hiking on Riverside Walk. To make it to the famous section in The Narrows called Wall Street it is 2.5 miles one way.


The difficulty of The Narrows lies in all the climbing up, over, and around all the big and small rocks in and out of the river. It is easy to twist an ankle or scatch up your legs pretty good on this hike if you're not careful. With that being said it is a family friendly hike if you have good little hikers that love the water. It's even worth it to go up just a short way if you are nervous about how your kids will do.

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To get to this trail you will get off on the very last shuttle stop, Temple Of Sinawava. It's a 40-minute scenic shuttle ride from the visitor center and only accessible via the shuttle the majority of the year. You will hike the Riverside Walk trail to get to the start of The Narrows.

Always practice Leave No Trace principals and leave the places you visit the way you found them. Better yet, bring a clean-up bag with you and leave it BETTER than you found it!


The majority of the trail you will be hiking in knee-deep water along the Virgin River and crossing from one side to the other depending on the rocky condition and depth of the river. Around every corner, you will be greeted by views that will take your breath away. If you make it 2.5 miles in you will come to the famous Wall Street section of The Narrows. This is the tightest section of the slot canyon. A little further up you will reach a small slot canyon offshoot called Orderville Canyon. This canyon can be explored for a short distance. You will know you have reached the turn around point when you come to an area called Big Springs that has waterfalls coming right out of the walls on the west side of the canyon. Past this section is by permit only. Scroll through for tips and additional information.